July 29, 2012

BMX riding at the beach

The boys had a great time at BMX camp this week, 
and the location ain't bad either.



July 27, 2012

July 26, 2012

chalk board paint gone wild

Chalk paint is one of those amazing
products that can just transform just about anything!

Here are some extra special projects that caught my
attention this week!

Kitchens are the ideal places for chalk board paint.
Walls, furniture and cabinets will come to life
with the help of a little chalk paint!

Keep yourself organized and
happy with this easy labeling idea.

Peekaboo! Perfect for inside a medicine cabinet!

So charming for a statement wall. 

Make your list right on the fridge!

So fun for a headboard!

How do you do chalk paint?

I’d love to know!

ciao! fabiana
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