February 28, 2014

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ciao! fabiana

February 23, 2014

the Downton Abbey Finale tonight!

The seasons of Downton Abbey seem to just fly by!  Will we find out tonight the fate of  Lady Edith's baby daddy, a love for Lady Mary, or Bate's whereabouts on the day of the creepy valet's suspicious death?    I will be watching with "Bated" breath!  Tell me what you think will happen. 

ciao! Fabiana

February 22, 2014

do you have a favorite Cary Grant film?

My favorite Cary Grant film has got to be the Philadelphia Story. I could watch it over and over.  And what a great pairing with Katherine Hepburn and Jimmy Stewart.  He's so quirky fun in his early years, and then of course in his later years, he is so sophisticated! Meanwhile, enjoy the eye candy...  





ciao! Fabiana

February 13, 2014

love, let me count the ways

It’s the most wonderful 

four letter word…


ciao! fabiana

February 11, 2014

so in love with leopard right now

I am so in love with leopard right now that I wanted to bring
 in a realistic and velvety leopard print into my home.  
We used some of these pinterest pics as inspiration.

With the help of my talented friend Marion, we chose just the perfect one! 

I had a ball today selecting fabrics for my antique day bed.  Marion with European Flair has the best variety of fabrics around town and she has has a great sense of style! We are going with the bold leopard, aquamarine, and ivory linen.  

Marion's fabric showroom
this is the day bed.  the cushion and bolsters will be done in the ivory linen.
we will have to accent pillow in the leopard and an aquamarine lumbar pillow in the center.
will post "after" photos soon!

here are the winners!

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